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Reiki healing

East Grinstead Reiki master

Reiki is a traditional and very ancient principle of healing with life force energy or 'chi' which is channelled by the therapist who has been attuned to the Reiki energies and frequencies during their training.

There are three levels of healing attunements the first allows you to practice on yourself, friends and family to familiarise and build up healing energy.  The second level allows you to practise on clients and the third level is a master level teaching more Reiki healing symbols and is the highest level of attunement.

The therapist uses the healing energies through placement of hands on the body.  This creates well being of mind body and soul, balancing chakras's working on the Aura and restoring balance.


The Japanese word Reiki literally means - life force energy.


Reiki has been adapted through various cultures and originated from the buddist Mikao Usui.  Each practioner will have a lineage that leads back to this man as the first teacher.  The shorter the lineage the more powerful the healer.  I am very lucky to have a short lineage back to the orginal healer. I was taught by a lovely lady whom is now a very good friend of mine our lineage is very close to Usui and she has taught me so much during my healing journey as well as given me some amazing healing sessions.


I am trained in Tera-Mai Seichem Reiki to Master level 3

The difference with this Reiki to the original is it works through the Aura on a deeper level and includes more symbols for healing and working on the Chakras.



What will I feel during my treatment?

Clients can feel very relaxed and even if they do not fall asleep which many do, an hours treatment is still the equivalent of 8 hours sleep.

You may feel intense heat from the therapists hands, some people see the bright beautiful violet in their minds eye which is actually the colour of the healing energy.


Reiki 1hr £30           Distant Reiki £25.00

Doreen Virtue Mermaid & Dolphin card reading

These are by far one of the most accurate sets of cards I have ever read with.  They also contain very positive and nice messages.  I have always had very good feedback from all my clients after a reading.  These cards are both beautiful and magical.


Readings online £20.00

1 hour indepth reading with cards, runes and mediumship £40.00

Mermaids and Dolphins Doreen Virtue card reading, oracle cards

Crystal healing

Using Crystals that correspond to the chakras whilst healing with reiki techniques provides a total well being of mind body and soul experience.

Crystals are proven to vibrate at a frequency that resonates with our own internal energies or chakras. They help balance and restore the energetic qualities.  1hr £45.00

Alternative health Restore mind body and soul with Reiki, Alternative health in East Grinstead

Restore   Mind    Body   &   Soul

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