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What can you do to prepare your skin before a big event such as your wedding day?

Your skin cells actually take about 2 months to reach the surface of your skin!  So the best thing you can do prior to your wedding day or special event is feed those skin cells.

How do I do that? I hear you ask....

If you use good skincare and have a good regime everyday this helps but also drinking up to 2 litres of water a day makes a big difference to the condition of your skin.

At the East Grinstead salon harmony in beauty I recommend my clients have a skincare routine consisiting of cleanse, tone, moisturise 2x per day.  Exfoliate 1-2x per week and mask 1x per week for fifteen to 20mins.


Optional extras for the skin include eye gel or creams, a specific night cream, ultra moisturising products like hylaronic acid etc.  Eve Taylor offer a fabulous skincare range made from plant extracts and aromatherapy oils.


You can visit the salon for a prescription facial and be given a detailed description of all the products suitable for your skin type and if you would like to purchase them you can order them through the salon.

Having a professional course of facials is a great idea but also using the same range at home everyday makes a world of difference to your skin's appearance, see the difference within the first weeks use.  


Other things you might forget to plan for before the big day... if your not used to getting your eyebrows professionally shaped again this is something that can really change your face.

Getting a good eyebrow shape and the right colour for your hair and skin can make you look more awakened, brings your face to life and can even take ten years off you!

At harmony in beauty you can have a specialist eyebrow treatment which includes a defintion powder to fill in gaps applied with a stencil to give you the perfect shape.  The stray hairs are then removed using several techniques including waxing to create a perfect neat brow.

If you like this then the red carpet brow tint is even better as it lasts up to 2 months.


Don't forget nails, bikini wax, leg wax etc all great beauty essentials to get you looking and feeling great.

Last but not least your bridal/special occasion makeup.


Book a makeup trial where you can discuss your desired look collect pictures in a folder to take along with you to show the type of makeup looks you like.  Trying to portray your idea of natural makeup or a glamorous makeup look might be different to the makeup artists.  So pictures cut out of magazines etc can help you explain what your after.  I often have clients say they want an ultra natural makeup look for their wedding day when in actual fact when they show me pictures of the type of makeup look they like there is eyeliner, smokey eyes etc and it's really just the skin and foundation they want to look natural, so by showing pictures they get the right look for them.  At the makeup trial which takes place at the East Grinstead home beauty salon.  You will talk through the looks you like, look through my portfolio of other happy brides and then decide on colours etc that you like.

The makeup is then applied and once you are 100% happy it is all written down to be applied in the same way on the big day.


I offer a mobile wedding makeup service for areas around East Grinstead, some areas of West Sussex, South East, Surrey and Kent.  Send me an email to see if I cover your area, I would love to help you look your best on your wedding day.

I love my job but most of all I love doing brows, makeup and nails because I get to be artistic and have an eye for detail.  I like to take my time when doing an eyebrow shape so always book an hour in the diary for this, or a set of beautiful nails, the clients appreciate the time spent on making their brows literally perfect, or their nail art beautiful and intricate although nail art even though small and detailed is something that can quickly be added on to your nail service as it's on a small scale the art work doesn't actually take that long so if you are the one that is in a hurry you still have time for some nail art ;) if you want it of course!

So with all that in mind come and be pampered and prepare for your wedding day in style.  I don't believe in rushing a client in and out of the salon to fit more people in, I like the treatment times to take into account the time to get ready, have a chat, for you to chill out and enjoy your time here as a haven away from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life!  I am dedicated to making the client feel like a V.I.P when they are here so their treatment time is always booked to allow an unhurried service.  So sit back and relax and know your in the safe hands of a beauty professional.  Hope you enjoyed reading the article and it's helped you plan your beauty essentials prior to your wedding day.  Check out my contacts and links page too for some recommended bridal businesses. If you book 6 or more treatments as a package you will be given a 10% discount.


Hope to see you at the salon soon.

Lucy xx

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