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Aroma booster - mini facial quick fix beauty

30mins £25.00

Aroma booster plus - included digi pressure massage and draining to aid with relaxation and well being

45mins £30.00

Soothing facial - for normal to dry skin.  Eucalyptus, Lavender and Cypress oxygenate and lactic acid to retexture the skin. Cucumber and lettuce soothes and cools, all in all a refreshing experience

1hr £40.00

Purifying facial - oily to combination skin, lemongrass and tea tree are amongst the active ingredients for their antiseptic qualities and gently lift away impurities to refine the skin

1hr £40.00

Age resist - perfect for dull, dry, mature skin types.  Contains fruit acids, nourishing avocado and sunflower to brighten and renew. Best from 30 years old and upwards

1hr £42.00

Prescription facial - a tailor made facial just for you,  Products are chosen depending on your skin's needs after an indepth skin analysis. This also includes a mini back pressure point massage very similar to acupressure allowing the therapist a deeper insight as to what is going on with the body by reading subtle signs such as redness and heat on the acupressure points which correspond to certain areas in the body and face

1hr £44.00

Non surgical facelift

The ultimate in anti-ageing

Using the micro current facial machine to lift and tone the muscles, as well as working on fine lines and wrinkles. Encouraging and improving cell renewal. This facial is extremely relaxing as well as giving fantastic results, see the difference after just one treatment. 1 - 2 a week recommended for a course of ten then 1 x per month for maintenence.

30 mins £45.00  with skincerity products £50

Course of ten receive a 20% discount on the £45 per treatment cost totals to £360

or with skincerity £400





Botanicals Eve Taylor skincare

Botanicals   Eve Taylor


Optional extra's to be taken with any face or body treatment.


Back pressure point massage very similar to acupressure & shiatsu can be combined with other treatments to help unblock meridian lines and read subtle changes to diagnose what is going on within the body which can cause changes to the skin on the face. Each point corresponds to a different area.  

Re - energise and restore harmony 15 mins £5.00


Scalp, hand and arm or shoulder massage can be performed whilst your mask is on for extra relaxation and pampering

Rest and relax £5.00




Eve taylor aromatherapy products



Relax and unwind in the beautiful surroundings of the home treatment salon in East Grinstead.


Candles flicker, gentle music plays and aromatherapy scents fill the air.


A warm and friendly atmosphere for you to make yourself at home and enjoy your treatment whilst induldging in some well deserved pampering.



The skincare used is not tested on animals and uses natural scents and plant extracts. So everything you smell is the natural scent of the aromatherapy oil or plant used in the ingredients.

The Eve Taylor skincare line works very well for all skin types with ranges for oily, problem, spot prone skin.  Dry, Sensitive and mature skin, and even products to maintain a normal skin type.


Skincerity is a flagship product from the U.S and is used by top Dermatologists around the world, this makes up part of the nucerity luxury skincare line that is used in some of the treatments.


All products can be ordered through us if you would like a skincare consultation to order and get a prescription of skincare taylor made for you please book in for a free product consultation.  


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