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NEW..... Baby boomer acrylic nails...

Check out the nails page and click on the gallery to see these beautiful nails.

Harmony in Beauty are offering these for £50 instead of £55 they are truly a work of art with soft white graduating into a lovely pink creating a soft ombre effect through the acrylic.

The whole nail is sculptured from the acrylic paste so no glues or tips are used creating a much stronger nail that looks real from all angles but so perfect and shiny you just won't be able to keep your eyes off them.

Woman receiving manicure, nail polish is applied, close-up Acrylic nails East Grinstead
My nails being done at Harrods by Leighton Denny. Acrylic nails East Grinstead

My fantastic nail day

I was very honoured to have received an email from Leighton Denny the famous nail tech to the stars who you may know for his nail products often seen in stores or on QVC.  He was always one of my nail idols after watching him on a documentary and seeing his clients nails on the front cover of my magazines.


I happened to write on a forum about how much I admired his work, and I particularly liked his 'hologram nails'

I had always done my own sculptured acrylic nails so I was very lucky to have had this opportunity.

At this time Leighton worked at his Salon in Harrods - London and had a huge waiting list of hundreds of celebrity clients.  A set of nails done by Leighton would have set back the client £150. As he was such a busy man launching his own product line and treating famous clients I was shocked to hear from him and almost didn't believe the email really was from him!....


Leighton had written and asked if I would like to come to his salon in Harrods and he would do me a set of his beautiful hologram nails whilst I picked his brains and all for free... wow.... of course I said yes straight away, still in disbelief.

How kind of him, being so high up in the nail industry to give something back as a thankyou for my kind comments about his work.


I was made to feel like a star when I was greeted at the salon at the top of Harrods with a glass of champagne.  I sat with Leighton for four hours having a good chat and picking his brains about nails, whilst he created a work of art on mine.  He was so down to earth, I had an absolutely fab day.  I was very lucky to learn some great tips and of course how to re create the famous 'hologram nails.




Myself with Leighton Denny whilst he did a set of hologram acrylic nails on me at his salon in Harrods.

How lucky was I as he only has celebrity clients on a waiting list now! #Honoured



And here is a pic of those amazing bling nails!

Christmas snowmen nail art Handpainted by Lucy at Harmony in Beauty

What nail art are you going to choose? From £1.00 per nail go and have some fun and get creative. It's limited to your imagination as painted by hand you can have almost anything painted on the nails.  The pictures of nail art were painted by Lucy at Harmony in Beauty.


Hen party nail art is also very fun and you can have anything from your fiance's name or little L plates and Tiara's etc as you can see in the picture of hen party nail art.

Hen party nail art East Grinstead beauty salon